Free Parking
Circus Circus, Fashion Show Mall, Oyo, Planet Hollywood/Miracle Mile Shops, The Sahara, Treasure Island, Tropicana, Venetian/Palazzo, and Wynn/Encore.

Getting Around
Deuce bus – $6 for 2 hour pass – $8 for 24 hour pass – $20 for 3 day pass
Monorail – $13 for 24 hour pass – $23 for 2 day pass – $29 for 3 day pass – $36 for 4 day pass – $43 for 5 day pass – $56 for 6 day pass – Save 10% online
Taxi/Lyft/Uber – Pickup locations vary at each hotel – They CANNOT pick up/drop off directly on the strip
Free Trams – Mandalay Bay to Luxor to Excalibur – Park MGM to Aria to Bellagio – Mirage to Treasure Island

Alcohol is served 24 hours a day in Vegas, you must be 21+ with valid id/passport. It is completely legal to have an open container of alcohol on the strip as long as it’s not in a glass container (restrictions on glass containers apply to non-alcoholic beverages as well). Public intoxication is legal with exceptions for intoxication involved in civil or criminal offenses like a DUI.

Anyone who is 21 and over can purchase cannabis in Vegas for recreational purposes. Just bring a valid government-issued driver’s license, ID or passport. It can’t be expired and must be scannable to confirm it’s the real deal. Do not smoke in any public places like on the Strip, in restaurants, or even in private hotel rooms. Recreational sales allow up to an ounce of marijuana or ⅛ of an ounce for concentrates like shatter, wax, crumble, and oils. Medical patients can buy up to 2.5 ounces of product within a 14-day period. It’s against federal law to carry cannabis across state lines — even to another state where cannabis is legal. So if you’re on a road trip between Nevada and California, it’s illegal to cross the border with cannabis, even though recreational use is allowed in both states. If you show up to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, you can unload any leftover weed in “last chance” disposal boxes no questions asked. Carrying cannabis beyond the TSA checkpoint is federally illegal, even if you’re flying inside the boundaries of Nevada between Vegas and Reno.


  • Restaurants: 15% Standard Service; 20% Good Service
  • Bars: $1-2 per drink per round for cocktail servers or bartenders. As would be expected, a higher tip, brings quicker service on the next round.
  • Bellmen $1-$2 per bag
  • Maid Service $1-$2 per day
  • Pool Attendants $1-$2
  • Casinos: Tip a few chips of the denomination you’re playing to your dealer if you win or a couple dollars to the change person or up to 7% to the Keno Runner, if you win big.
  • Taxis & Limos: 15%-20% depending on how helpful they are and how they handle your luggage.
  • Concierge: Tip with your conscience $2-$3 for standard show or restaurant reservations. Getting you VIP passes for a top night club: $5-10.
  • Valet: $1-$2 for getting your car quickly.

Map Of The Strip (brought to you by the Las Vegas Monorail)