Travel Essentials

Packing your suitcase

For the most part, in Las Vegas casual clothes are worn, even when you are going for a show or for dinner. This means that slacks (khaki, blue, black and brown); cotton or linen during the spring and summer season and polyester or wool/wool blend for fall or winter season. Women can wear tops and skirts. Each person needs to pack four or five shirts or blouses or shirts. (A high collar shirt will work as a protection for your neck against the sun.) You must also take along one nice dressy outfit (a dinner jacket or a cocktail dress), which you can wear to a night club or a gourmet restaurant. Packing fancy clothes is particularly not necessary. Reduce wrinkling by keeping some of your clothes in the plastic bags (like the one you get from your dry cleaners.) You could also save some space (and also decrease wrinkling) if you roll your clothes in newspapers instead of folding and packing them like literally cigarettes in a pack. Most of the hotels in Las Vegas have swimming pools, so we suggest to pack cover-ups and bathing suits…particularly during the summer season.


It is recommended to take along two pairs of very comfortable shoes: one should be a regular pair, and the other should be a casual pair of sneakers/joggers for walking. Never compromise on comfort as in Las Vegas you will have to do plenty of walking, even in hotels as they are huge from inside. Also if you’re planning on hitting the pool, make sure to pack a pair of sandles/flipflops as the concrete gets quite hot!


For the best rates on hotels visit midweek. Las Vegas room rates are crazy cheap Monday-Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days.

The single biggest way to save money is to blind-book your Vegas hotel. Hotwire offers discounts in exchange for not knowing the name of the hotel when you book. You can easily obtain the name of the hotel by googling any of the details in the listings.

Stock your mini bar with goodies from the nearby Walgreens for cheap snacks, toiletries, and most importantly, bottled water. Don’t buy them from the mini bar because they are disturbingly overpriced and you don’t want a huge bill when checking out.

Room doesn’t have a fridge? Add ice to the sink and make your own cooler!